And Now I Know Why I’m Scared

In my post "It's 2018" I mentioned wondering when I became afraid. After meeting with the woman from my church who is disciplining me and spending some time in prayer and just thinking, I'm pretty sure I figured out the answer to my question. I am afraid because my god is one that can never … Continue reading And Now I Know Why I’m Scared


It’s 2018!

Well. It appears that I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. That fact has been hanging over my head since a week after the aforementioned holiday and the guilt has eaten me alive. Guilt tends to be like that in my life. A massive, starving monster that is never satisfied until I feel like I have lost … Continue reading It’s 2018!

It’s Okay to Cry

I just finished watching a very short video by John Piper on sorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to post it here at the end, but who knows. It was about letting yourself weep for things you have lost, or things you have not had. I seriously doubt he’s talking about an iPhone or a car. … Continue reading It’s Okay to Cry

Saying Goodbye… Again

Over the last seven years, I have said goodbye many, many times. I've come to expect the word in relationships. For all the times I've been viscerally reminded that nothing lasts but Christ, each parting or separation is still as painful as the one before. Goodbyes are a part of life. There are the "until … Continue reading Saying Goodbye… Again

My Savior and My God

This week at my church’s Bible Study for women, I was asked to share what God has been doing in my life. As I wrote out what I planned to share, it struck me that I should share this on my blog as well! God has been teaching me the same things over and over because … Continue reading My Savior and My God


I love driving. Seriously. I got a car roughly two months ago and I’ve already put over a thousand miles on it. I do every errand I can just so I can drive around town. I love going fast- love driving on the interstate. No, I don’t speed. I go the speed limit. That’s where … Continue reading Speeding

On the Eve of the Eve of My Graduation

When did you get excited about your high school graduation? Was it during your freshman year? During your senior prom? When you were accepted into a college? When you got a scholarship? When you finished your last paper? Or was it really, really late? Like, six days before graduation late. Because that’s when it was … Continue reading On the Eve of the Eve of My Graduation

Shock Waves

I couldn't believe it. I really couldn't. First, it was an email. Pray for this family. Confused, I shot a quick prayer to heaven asking for safety and comfort for the family, unsure as to what was going on. Then I shot a quick text to my friend. I'm praying, I said, is something wrong? Yes. Something was … Continue reading Shock Waves

What Does It Take To Make You Feel Beautiful?

Well? What is it for you? Makeup? Trendy clothes? The perfect selfie? I never really cared about my appearance until I was about thirteen. I had just started crushing on guys and wondering why I didn't look like most of the other girls I saw. So I started blow-drying my hair, trying to pick out … Continue reading What Does It Take To Make You Feel Beautiful?

A Tale of Two Spies and Some Haggis Chapter Two

Chapter Two Six Months Later               In the opinion of her parents, Laura Kerr was recovering well from the horrible events that had occurred back in the spring. Things had been busy at the pub with the addition of rooms to be rented out. Laura was running up and down the new stairs at … Continue reading A Tale of Two Spies and Some Haggis Chapter Two