Another Yellow Wood

' Three years ago, as a sixteen-year-old Sarah, I wrote two blog posts respectively titled The Road Not Taken and My Yellow Woods. Tonight, as I sit here at my computer, part of me is laughing. Those two posts, which I lost when I switched my blog to WordPress, were about my decision (after a … Continue reading Another Yellow Wood


My Savior and My God

This week at my church’s Bible Study for women, I was asked to share what God has been doing in my life. As I wrote out what I planned to share, it struck me that I should share this on my blog as well! God has been teaching me the same things over and over because … Continue reading My Savior and My God

An Open Letter to Sydney

Dear Sydney, You’re awesome. Seriously. You’ve got this great sense of style- everything from Pusheen to scarves to The Flash. It’s eclectic and it’s you. Even though you’re still figuring things out, you doing it the right way. You’re looking to find your style, not trying to simply copy everyone else. You listen. On Sunday, … Continue reading An Open Letter to Sydney

The Best Karen EVER

Karen is my younger sister. She turned thirteen last week and I honestly can’t believe it… Like, when did the little kid who dug her tiny fingers through our mom’s ice cream cake at two in the morning one year suddenly become old enough to wear eye shadow and be interested in boys? HOW DOES … Continue reading The Best Karen EVER

The Best Brother (Sorry everyone else, Philip wins hands down)

I am the oldest of four children, and today is my "little" brother's birthday. Philip is sixteen today, but as I told him this morning, I think I've been telling people he's sixteen for the last four months because he never really looked fifteen. Well, maybe he did, but that would have been two years ago. … Continue reading The Best Brother (Sorry everyone else, Philip wins hands down)

The Grand Deception Part Five: Boo-Yah

My mom is giving me the 'serious face' as she says, “Now tell me everything, from the beginning.” I take a deep breath. I weigh my options. The international student still hasn’t been picked up. We still have an hour to kill. How can I get the student over here in time? And how can … Continue reading The Grand Deception Part Five: Boo-Yah

Shock Waves

I couldn't believe it. I really couldn't. First, it was an email. Pray for this family. Confused, I shot a quick prayer to heaven asking for safety and comfort for the family, unsure as to what was going on. Then I shot a quick text to my friend. I'm praying, I said, is something wrong? Yes. Something was … Continue reading Shock Waves

The Grand Deception Part Four: Execution

It began with cake, as usual. My family has a long tradition of waking up the birthday boy or girl with cake and presents in bed, normally around 6:30. I’ll take a moment to give you a side note: The last four of my birthdays have encountered one mishap after another, so it’s normally 8:30 … Continue reading The Grand Deception Part Four: Execution

The Grand Deception Part Two: Production

The guest list was made. Facebook messages (the only place we could communicate with a large number of people without my mom knowing) were sent, and plans were put into action. I stalked a number of guests during various church services in order to get contact information from them. Stake-outs in front of doors, hidden … Continue reading The Grand Deception Part Two: Production

The Grand Deception Part One: Conception

One cold, bleak, February afternoon, three girls hatched an impossible idea. An idea so bold, so daring, and so fraught with disaster that one would think these girls were crazy. And, so some extent, we are. My sisters, Karen and Sydney, are twelve and a half years old. With five years on them, I’ve got … Continue reading The Grand Deception Part One: Conception