The Stick Girl: Chapter Three

The mountain was getting closer. The girl cringed. What was it going to do to her?

A line slowly appeared beside her, then another, parallel to the first. The girl breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t be erased. The mountain was simply creating something else close by her. Slowly, she stood up, watching. the two lines turned into rectangles, and on the bottom, two circles were drawn. Feet. Just like hers. A square was drawn on top of the rectangles. The mountain seemed to be taking its time with this creation. The next steps took a long time, long enough that the girl became bored and wandered around her new home, continuing to marvel at all the colors. She tried the swing. She looked behind Door again (still nothing).

She glanced back at the mountain and its creation. The rectangle had arms coming out of it now- oh! The girl realized what it was. It was another person. Just like her.

Oh my! the girl thought. Another person! A new idea flew into her mind. Now I won’t be so lonely anymore.  She paused, confused. What is lonely? No- she knew what lonely was. It’s the feeling I’ve had. It’s why I wanted the mountain to come back. I don’t want to be alone. 

And now she wouldn’t be! now she’d have someone to share her wonderful world with. It was so exciting. She went back to the mountain, determined to watch her new friend come to life.

The mountain had drawn what the girl thought were a shirt  and pants onto her friend. Now the mountain drew a circle- the mountain was about to give her new friend a face! They would be able to see her!

 Then- the mountain jerked, and a long, jagged line dashed across the new creation- and the girl. It pinned her in place. She couldn’t move! Why had the mountain done that? Was it angry at her for peeking?

After struggling for some time to no avail, the girl sighed and slumped forward. She wouldn’t be able to get free until the mountain came back and erased the barrier. But when would it do that? When would it think that she had been punished long enough?

The girl felt something new. Something fell on her- something wet that also fell to the ground with a ploink! and blurred the green grass. Rain.

It was raining, and the girl could not run to hide under the tree like her instincts told her to. The girl bowed her head and let the rain fall. After all, there was nothing she could do about it, was there?


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