The Stick Girl: Chapter Two

The girl stomped around for a while, still trying to understand why “green” was so important. Her mind wouldn’t comply, however, and she was left with a  feeling of incompleteness that tore at her. By the time she had calmed down, she could finally notice that it was darker than it had been before.

Her world was still white, her house still standing there with the bushes and Door. But something was different. It was dimmer, and the girl could no longer make out the lines of the tree beside the house. Another thought popped into her head. Sleep. Sleep? What was that? Even as she wondered, the explanation floated into place, just like it had always been there. She should sleep lying down. And she would feel better when she woke up.

Her thoughts had not yet steered her wrong, or so she assumed, so she carefully laid down on the ground and drifted off to sleep.

She didn’t dream. She didn’t have enough knowledge to dream. Instead, she rested, and when she awoke, the dimness was gone and she did, indeed, feel better.

The girl had just stood up when the giant mountain returned.

Yes! she thought excitedly. This will make everything better. Maybe it will even explain to me what green is.

The mountain moved once more, just like the last time. And, just like the last time, things started appearing. A swirly squiggle started coming out of a rectangle on top of the triangle of the house. Chimney.

Words flowed into her mind as the mountain worked. Grass. Bench. Swing. Sky. Sun. 

And then- oh, and then! The mountain disappeared, but only for a few moments. This time, everything was different. The Mountain was shorter and a little thicker. The girl could smell something besides the sharp, tangy smell the mountain normally brought with it- the smell that tickled her throat. This new smell was thicker and smoother, almost waxy.

The mountain started creating things once again and the girl watched in awe.

First, the mountain went over the things it had already made. When the dark shadow lifted and moved on to something else, the girl could see that her house had changed.

The house was… her mind fumbled to explain what had happened. When the connections were finally made, the girl jumped with joy. Her house was yellow and red and purple. Door was red, the walls her house were yellow, and the triangle- the roof– was purple! She giggled and spun around to see the rest of her world transform from simply black-and-white to a world full of this new thing- color.

The sun was yellow. The sky was blue. And the bushes and grass and tree- well, they were green.

Color was beautiful! She ran from one thing to another, touching, smelling, and just looking.

A chill passed over her, and she turned, suddenly afraid.

She screamed.

The mountain was right above her and getting closer by the second. Something in her said run, but where could she run? There was nothing but white outside of her small yard and home. Where could see go that the mountain could not find her? Would it hurt her? Was she to be erased, like the tree before the mountain fixed it? What if- since she was still black-and-white, the mountain didn’t want her around anymore? What if.. what if it thought she was ugly now that there was so much color.

“No!” she whispered aloud, unable to bear the thought of being taken away from the beautiful world that had just been created before her.

The mountain was getting closer. She fell to her knees, pulled her stick arms over her stick head, and waited.


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