The Stick Girl: Chapter One (Part 2 of 2)

In Which a Girl Meets the World

She pushed, and Door moved. With a deep breath, the girl, who had just noticed she couldn’t close her eyes in fear, looked up from the ground to find out what Door wanted to show her.

Nothing. There wasn’t anything behind Door, just more white. The girl sighed deeply. For some reason, she’d expected… what had she expected? She didn’t know. This was disappointing, of course, but there was still more to explore. She hoped it would be a little more interesting than Door.

Turning, she examined the sqiggly things beside Door. They were short and squatty, and when she ran her hand over them, they bounced. The girl jumped up and took several steps backwards. What was that? she wondered. There was only one way to find out. She poked the shape again, and the same thing happened- boing. The word popped into her head, just like Door. Bush. She frowned again. Something was missing. Something… green. Green? The girl felt like crying. What was green? Why was it important?

She stomped away from the bush, frustrated. There was too much she didn’t know. There were too many questions, too many holes in her world. She was angry and scared and not at all sure what to do. If only the shadow-mountain would come back. Maybe it could make things better. Maybe.


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