The Stick Girl: Chapter One (Part 1 of 2)

In Which a Girl Meets the World

I can see!That was the girl’s first thought.

 It’s white.That was her second thought.

Her eyes roved this way and that, examining the world she’d been dropped into. She couldn’t remember anything before- no people, places, not even herself. Everything was blank in her mind, just like the expanse around her. A deep breath steadied the panic that was threatening her sanity. What kind of place was simply white? Or was this how every place was? How could she know?

Looking down, the girl peered at herself. Two stick legs, both with a round ball at the end. A dress made from a triangle. Skinny arms with circles for hands. The circles raised themselves up to her face. She could feel with these things, feel that her hair was also thin and curled outward slightly at the ends. Her face was unblemished, bare, except for two dots that let her see and a long curved line of a mouth.

She blinked again, preparing to open the mouth and try to make a noise. Before she could find out that such an action was impossible, a dark shadow covered part of the white world. It looked like a mountain range- or it would if there hadn’t been some strange log slanted across it. The girl frowned mentally since her mouth seemed incapable of movement. What on earth could it be?

The shadow moved slightly, as if hesitating, then in a flash of movement, raced across the whiteness, darting this way and that, moving first quickly, then slower. At one point the entire mountain-thing shifted and the log flipped over for the briefest moment to wave back and forth furiously before righting itself. Slowly, the girl began to see something else on the white place. Somethings, really.

Square, she thought. It’s a square. Indeed it was a square, with a triangle on top. As time passed, two more squares appeared, then a rectangle that started at the bottom of the square and rose almost to the top. Two swirly shapes were suddenly on either side of the rectangle (The girl had started calling it “door”, although she couldn’t quite figure out why). To the left of the large square, the girl watched as two large “c’s” took shape, then another swirly object on top of the “c’s”.

Just as she was getting used to these strange this appearing, the shadow-mountain disappeared. She felt safer with it gone somehow, as though now she could explore these new objects in private, without having to worry about prying eyes. She felt her small mouth relax as she thought about smiling. Who on earth could see me? There’s no one else here. Her train of thought from this point was obvious: No one here? Does that mean there are other… people… somewhere? This thought was too much, at least at the moment, so the girl tried to ignore it and turned to examine the large square.

Hmm. The rectangle, or “Door”,  had a small circle  on it off to the right. The girl tentatively reached forward, wondering if the circle did something interesting. Yes! It did! The round ball that was the girl’s hand could grasp the circle and- oh! It turned! The girl felt something new. Not fear…excitement. Yes, that was it. A knowledge from some unknown place told her what to do next. PushPush!

She pushed, and Door moved. With a deep breath, the girl, who had just noticed she couldn’t close her eyes in fear, looked up from the ground to find out what Door wanted to show her.


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