The Challenge: Day Four – Outline

Hey, everyone! Sorry, I didn’t post yesterday or Monday. I’m still trying to get in the hang of having a daily post commitment. I just realized that the whole post I wrote on Friday (which was a rough outline) is gone! It isn’t in my drafts or published on my site. :/ Guess I’ll just have to start from scratch. Let’s get to it!

I’ve never made an outline for anything outside of a school paper, so this will be a new experience for me. Although I have a general idea of what it should look like, it may not appear in the format some of you are used to. And since there’s no way to tab over in this processor, please bear with the technical incorrectness of the outline. Thanks! 🙂

I. Chapter One

A. Introduce Maggie

1. Physical description

2. Emotional description

B. Introduce Maggie’s main problem

C. Introduce Ginny

1. Physical description

2. Emotional description

D. Introduce Ginny’s main problem (this will be a minor sub-plot in the overall story)


II. Chapter Two

A. Introduce Maggie’s surroundings

1. Ginny’s home

2. Ginny’s church

3. Ginny’s friends and family

B. Bring Maggie’s problem to the forefront


Okay, at this point, I’m thinking that I need to work on the actual plot over the rest of today and tomorrow morning. Then, hopefully I’ll be able to fill in more of this outline and finish it by the weekend. First, I have some questions.


Happy voting!



One thought on “The Challenge: Day Four – Outline


    Probably useless here unless you tend to perfect useless bits that have no impact on the main story, but you may find this interesting for future stories if you want it to be realistic.

    Sorry – you were just talking about Maggie’s hair colour, and I was recently planning out Arlénya’s physical appearance (which I should actually probably change now as I’ve changed her lineage…… Oh well. Later. Maybe.) and I found this thing. While it’s useless if I’m using it for the Kryla or the Manetki, it will be very useful for the Dakenpar or most of my other stories where ‘humans’ factor mainly. Or at least not incredibly alien races…….

    God bless!


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