The Challenge: Day Three – Choosing an Idea

This isn’t normally a problem for me. I’ve been working on a single novel for almost three years now, so the big question of “main plot” isn’t really an issue anymore.

But this time? Ho boy.

To be honest, the first idea really is my favorite. I’m a Southern gal in every way, so a chance to write about my heritage and family (who would of course make cameo appearances) could be so much fun.

My second story option would probably turn into a memoir about my first six months in our now-hometown. Everything from the development of Real Life Games to the LEGO universe my brother and I created to running through the house with my little sisters as we played fairies I’d love to share all those things with you. But I don’t think now is the best time.

Call Me Grandma. I’ll tell you, this one warms my heart. It seems similar to the first idea…

So you know what? I think I’ll pick two ideas. I’m going to combine the first and third ideas.

It could be something like this: Teen girl (for a reason that will be decided when we get to the “Details” stage) has to go live with her Southern grandmother for her entire senior year of high school. While she’s not exactly thrilled about the idea (who would be?) she still loves her grandmother dearly. Or, she thinks she does. As Teen Girl begins spending more time with her grandmother and extended family, she learns that Ginny Holcomb might not be as normal as she thought.

Obviously there will be more to it than that (even this may change… I never quite know how things will turn out), but at least now I’ve got a start.

However, I still need a name for Teen Girl. I think something old-fashioned that can be shortened into a modern name would fit. Something even Biblical? Okay, I’m going to steal a best friend’s first name, because I think that will be perfect. Teen Girl will hereafter be referred to as Maggie (Magdalene) Bates. Ginny’s name is an old-fashioned shortening of Virginia, my maternal grandmother.

*RUBS HANDS TOGETHER* Bwahahaha! I’m now officially excited about this project. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find that this is what I do best instead of action-adventure-spy-thrillers. I’ve heard it said so often, write what you know. Even though I do that in my other writing, this may be the first time I’ve actually written something that doesn’t involved high-tech gadgets, explosions, or feats of mental gymnastics that can’t be followed even by the girl writing it. Hm… I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Until tomorrow,



3 thoughts on “The Challenge: Day Three – Choosing an Idea

  1. EVIL LAUGHTER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughing*

    Bon chance!! I certainly look forward to reading it – if I may, of course…..


      1. *sighs*

        Once she was so innocent – so funny and so fair,
        But then the evil laugh came down and blighted all thoughts there.
        Soon she was off rambling through corridors of time,
        Attended by Lego and cyborgs and caught in a weird rhyme.
        Now surely you don’t want to be caught in the same trap –
        For evil giggling surely will follow the same map.
        So NO MORE EVIL LAUGHTER, dear, lest it take over all
        And you be weilding who knows what to see odd nations fall.


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