The Challenge: Day One – Acceptance

It was issued weeks ago. I was sitting at the computer, audibly bemoaning my inability to write this summer. Sydney wandered into the room looking nervous. I knew what this meant; she had something to ask me.

Six minutes later she finally got around to telling me what it was.

Karen and I are challenging you to write a five chapter story that has nothing to do with your ‘real’ writing.

At first I refused. It was pointless, I said. And besides, how on earth could I possibly develop a whole new cast of characters now? But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized that this might be just what I need. This might be the perfect thing to get me writing again.

So I’ve accepted her challenge and have decided to take it one step farther.

Starting today, I plan to document the journey of this story, from conception to drafts to chapters.

I’ll be doing my best to work on this story via my blog every weekday. Ideas, snippets, inspiration, and eventually chapters will be crafted right here in front of your eyes.

I’ve got no idea what kind of story will come out of this, or that it’ll even have an ending. But I’m looking forward to seeing it come together in such a unique way.

If you’ve got ideas, questions, or just concepts you’d like to see in a story, comment below to get involved in the process!

Enjoy the journey.



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