Why Thursday Night is the Best Part of My Week

It's 3:30. I'm home from work and ready for 'lunch'. Dinner. Whatever you want to call it. But more than looking forward to food, I counting down the hours (three and a half) until I head to downtown Conway, fail once again at parallel parking, and walk into Blue Sail Coffee with my (cheaper) Starbucks … Continue reading Why Thursday Night is the Best Part of My Week


A Post about a Post

Your Mom Has a Blog: https://yourmomhasablog.com/2015/03/16/jesus-cares-about-your-haircut/ Y’all? This is article is important. It isn’t about modesty. These aren’t sugary-sweet, watered-down words. It is simple. It is true. I think when parents, and we older Christian girls and women, teach and remind our daughters and sisters and friends about modesty, we give the impression God doesn’t … Continue reading A Post about a Post

And Now I Know Why I’m Scared

In my post "It's 2018" I mentioned wondering when I became afraid. After meeting with the woman from my church who is disciplining me and spending some time in prayer and just thinking, I'm pretty sure I figured out the answer to my question. I am afraid because my god is one that can never … Continue reading And Now I Know Why I’m Scared

Why I Write and My Thoughts on the First Two-and-a-Half Harry Potter Books

I mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago that I was going to start reading the Harry Potter books. I had never read them before (because of our family rule and, later, a lack of interest) and was excited to finally get in on a fandom that so many of my friends have loved. My … Continue reading Why I Write and My Thoughts on the First Two-and-a-Half Harry Potter Books

It’s 2018!

Well. It appears that I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. That fact has been hanging over my head since a week after the aforementioned holiday and the guilt has eaten me alive. Guilt tends to be like that in my life. A massive, starving monster that is never satisfied until I feel like I have lost … Continue reading It’s 2018!

A Thanksgiving Post

Wow. Tomorrow it will be Thanksgiving 2017. I honestly can’t believe this year has gone by so fast. God has done so many incredible things that I don’t know where to start. I suppose honesty is the best way, actually. I don’t really feel like writing this post. While I am thankful, that is not … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Post

Hubris isn’t so Humorous

When I was between eleven and thirteen, I loved the Percy Jackson series. Loved. Them. So much so that eventually I had to quit reading them because I loved them a little too much. I reread them for the first time in six years this summer, and I remembered why I enjoyed them. The quick … Continue reading Hubris isn’t so Humorous

Nine Things that have Made Me a Better Writer (Repost from old blog)

It takes a lot of guts for me to go back and read some of my old writing projects. School assignments aren't so bad, but my personal work? Oh. My. Gravy. I literally feel sick when I realize that I actually sent this stuff to people! Ooooh, I can tell you in all seriousness that … Continue reading Nine Things that have Made Me a Better Writer (Repost from old blog)

Another Yellow Wood

' Three years ago, as a sixteen-year-old Sarah, I wrote two blog posts respectively titled The Road Not Taken and My Yellow Woods. Tonight, as I sit here at my computer, part of me is laughing. Those two posts, which I lost when I switched my blog to WordPress, were about my decision (after a … Continue reading Another Yellow Wood

It’s Okay to Cry

I just finished watching a very short video by John Piper on sorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to post it here at the end, but who knows. It was about letting yourself weep for things you have lost, or things you have not had. I seriously doubt he’s talking about an iPhone or a car. … Continue reading It’s Okay to Cry